Monday, October 31, 2011

Knowledge Management breakout session

Margo Coletti and H. Mark Goldstein presented their research on how to promote the value of hospital libraries when they seem to be under siege.  In 2004, as part of its Regional Advisory Council (RAC), the National Network of Libraries of Medicine New England Region (NN/LM NER) formed the Hospital Library Subcommittee, with the charge to promote the value of hospital libraries throughout the region. Over its 7-year tenure, the Subcommittee has tracked a gradual decline in support for hospital libraries, as evidenced by budget cuts and library closures. The status quo had ultimately become untenable.  In 2009, the Subcommittee began to shift focus from library advocacy towards a new strategy: a 5-year plan to assist hospital libraries with the transition to healthcare knowledge services centers (HKSCs) within their institutions.  In addition to the breakout presentation, Margo and Mark also have a webinar version in the UMass eScholarship repository.

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